Founded in 2019, Centology is the culmination of 30 years’ research and development

Frustrated by the limits of incumbent technologies, founder David Stamp realised the solution he was looking for (a fully integrated and comprehensive system) did not exist. There was just not the level of integration he wanted, resulting in repeated re-keying and duplication of data. Centology is the culmination of David’s work, providing a complete system with tried and tested processes to enhance wealth management.

The team

  • Portrait of David Stamp

    David Stamp


  • Portrait of Joe Power

    Joe Power

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Portrait of Richard Anderson

    Richard Anderson

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Portrait of Craig Hawley

    Craig Hawley

    Technical Director 

  • Portrait of Catherine Herrington

    Catherine Herrington

    Business Implementation Consultant

  • Portrait of Oliver Price

    Oliver Price

    Head of Data Operations

  • Portrait of Reggie Mason

    Reggie Mason

    Data Operations Co-ordinator

  • Portrait of Louise Jackson

    Louise Jackson

    Business Support Manager

  • Portrait of Hadi Boukdir

    Hadi Boukdir


  • Portrait of Oliver Davey

    Oliver Davey


  • Portrait of Jack Sibley

    Jack Sibley

    Apprentice IT Developer

  • Portrait of Oakley Anderson

    Oakley Anderson

    Apprentice IT Developer

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